COAUTHOR BOOKS License Terms and Agreement

Last Updated: April 27, 2021

The CoAuthor Book License is exclusively designed for fitness businesses that specialize in 1-1 or small group in-person interaction via physical gyms, studios, clubs or in-home training services. In response to Covid-19, you may also promote these books within your community for virtual training options.

Here's What Your CoAuthor License Includes and Excludes:

Freedom to Share Your Book Within Your Territory:

  • Your Promotional Territory Rights are based on a region of approximately 350,000 people in densely populated cities...or approximately 50-miles in less populated communities. If you have multiple locations or large in-home service areas, you may need to purchase additional territory rights. Please ask us for assistance to clearly define and understand your territory(s).
  • Your book is designed to help you attract and convert leads for your physical (in-person) services. We encourage you to promote, give away, or sell your book as often as you can for that purpose. Appropriate promotions include: LOCAL advertisements, news media, speaking engagements, postal campaigns; health fairs, trade shows, and expos; retail and medical office partners, open houses, and book signing parties. 
  • If you'd like help setting up a “free + shipping” offer inside of your ClickFunnels, InfustionSoft, or Ontraport account, let us know. Just remember, books should only be mailed to households within your territory.

Boundaries to Protect Everyone's License:

  • You CANNOT promote or distribute your book outside your defined territory(s).  You wouldn't want someone sharing their similar book in your space...and you should avoid sharing yours in theirs. If residents in another area would be prospects for your training services, purchase the additional territory rights or find other ways to market to them.
  • You CANNOT promote or distribute your book to market VIRTUAL-ONLY products or services. If your business also offers virtual service options, please separate your advertising and promotions so that your book campaigns aren't intentionally promoted to audiences outside of your defined territory. Covid-19 virtual session options for local members are excluded from this rule.
  • You CANNOT promote or distribute your book through events or interviews intended for audiences outside of your territory. 
  • You CANNOT sell or distribute your book through Amazon, Kindle, eBook, PDF, audio-book, and/or other online retailers.
  • Niche Pressworks is the copyright holder on all CoAuthor Books. You CANNOT apply for an ISBN, Copyright, or Library of Congress Control Number for this licensed content.

Wholesale Paperbacks Anytime Through Us:

  • Your agreement includes unlimited wholesale reprints from our printers (U.S., Canadian, and overseas options available). Please contact to reorder anytime. The minimum reorder quantity is 50 books. Contact us if you'd like us to consider another printer option for any reason.
  • Printing and shipping prices and delivery times are outside of our control and may vary...but you'll always get our full wholesale rate with no royalty to pay us...ever! Shipping, handling, and taxes will be quoted in advance. 

During the Publishing Process, You Can Alter the Content in the Following Ways:

  • Create your own title, subtitle, and book description
  • Add your branding, colors, logo, photos and name inside and out
  • Add your own Preface/Backstory(s), testimonials, endorsements, photos, bio, and special discount offer(s)
  • Edit designated spots as highlighted within the core content
  • Replace or remove, but not edit, the words of the guest expert Foreword and cited works
  • Add content as long as all content remains truthful, is not misleading, and complies with U.S. FTC laws. Advance permission and additional fees apply for all content changes.

The Ultimate Authority Marketing Tools:

It is our pleasure to provide our clients with a number of “done-for-you” marketing assets that enhance your promotions for the Co-Author Licensed Book including, but not limited to sample emails, postcard templates, presentations, social images and more.

You and your designer/marketing team are welcome to customize the supplemental tools as much as you'd like. As with your book, please restrict the use of these tools for use within your licensed territory(s) only. You and/or your assigns cannot sell or resell the tools or use the content for any other client or purpose.

Important Details:

All coauthor licensed clients are legally bound by these terms and conditions. These terms of use have been put into place to protect our clients. Please respect all licensed book clients and review and abide by these terms.

Violation of these terms is grounds for immediate cancellation of your account and a revoking of your right to continue using and reordering additional books. If you have any questions about the terms of use, please contact us at

You warrant and represent that all material provided to us is your original work or is owned by you and free of image rights, copyright restrictions, and/or trademarks. We’re reasonably relying on those representations. We reserve the right to confirm that you own, have purchased, or originated all work and have acquired all necessary photo releases. In all cases, you will defend, hold harmless, and indemnify Niche Pressworks if anyone asserts a claim against us.

It’s our commitment to move quickly on your behalf to get your Licensed Book printed and working for you. Your timely response is important to managing our business too. Please have all final content submitted for publishing within 150 days (5 months) of the start of this agreement so that we can complete your book within 6 months. You will be assessed a $99/month management fee for every month the book remains incomplete (not approved for publishing) starting with a $99 payment on day 181 (6 months).

All "free books" included in your Ultimate Authority Marketing System must be claimed within the first 6 months.

Active license holders may request updates to the book or cover at any time for $95/hour with a 2-hour minimum. The client must approve digital and print proofs before ordering in bulk. The client accepts full responsibility for any errors or omissions missed during the proofing and approval process.

If you’ve selected the Functional Fitness or Complete Fitness licensed content, you must be a FAI Certified Functional Aging Specialist (FAS) before you may place your first bulk printing order. You do not need to have completed your FAS to begin the process. FAS Certification is NOT required for the Body Transformation or Healthy Mindset content. Contact us for assistance.

These terms are subject to change. It is your responsibility to check the current terms before you use any of the licensed content in any way.

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