Coauthor a Book with an Expert in Your Field
We'll Combine Your Message with 9 Chapters Written by an Industry Expert to Publish Your Authority-Building Book in as little as 30-60 Days.
Functional Medicine
Fitness & Functional Fitness
Frustrated that not enough people know about you?
Competitor ads drowning you out?
Do people underestimate the value you add?
Are clients shy about referring their friends?
Are you too busy to market consistently?
Are your prospects really slow decision makers?
Are you tired of wasting money on ads that flop?
Becoming a Published Expert can change everything for you. Our process makes it easy.
"Coauthored books are our #1 strategy for helping businesses convert leads into clients."
- Cody Sipe, PhD & Dan Ritchie, PhD
Co-Founders of the Functional Aging Institute
The Fast & Easy Way to Become a Published Author
Our proven process helps you coauthor a client-attractive book in less than 6 hours. Here's how:
We collaborate with industry leading experts to write several core chapters about the latest developments in your industry in a way that inspires readers to take action and get started.
We help you write your story and add your bio, photos, client testimonials, and business information ...and make any other tweaks to the content that you'd like.
We have everything professionally edited and designed with a gorgeous custom cover to create a one-of-a-kind book with exclusive distribution rights in your community.
We publish your new paperback book and show you how to order wholesale copies anytime. Then we teach you multiple ways to leverage it as your author/expert business card to get more clients.
Steven Hadley, Daphne, Alabama:
“Being an author of a book helps us stand out as the fitness authority in our community. We're using it everywhere - for book signings, giveaways, referrals, networking, etc...and it's working. It gives us instant credibility and has gotten me speaking gigs that I otherwise would not have gotten. It's also allowed me to stand out to doctors and other professionals. It's increased our referrals and lead generation big time over the past year since we've been using it!"
NO Other Marketing Channel is As Effective as a Real Print Book
Want to stand out from all the noise in your marketplace? Nothing is more powerful, more attention getting, and more respected than positioning yourself as a published authority in your niche.
Content that Converts
Every book is carefully designed and written to help your ideal prospects learn about you and your industry's best practices so that they're inspired and confident to hire you immediately.
Easy Marketing
Elevate every engagement from "pitching & selling" to "educating and giving". We'll teach you how to use the power of reciprocity to get speaking engagements, affiliate partners, clients, and great referrals.
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